Synthetic Urine – An overview

This synthetic urine claims to be on the market from last 20 years. It is also claiming to be an industry leader in the fake piss space.

They have passed 525000+ urine tests. Who conducted these tests? Does this a controlled study where the efficacy of the products is validated? If yes then where are the results?

synthetic urine claims

They are giving 500% money back guarantee. So if you got caught and a situation comes when you can lose your job then you can get 5 times money you spent to buy the piss. It is really amazing.

Let me share with you my experience with this urine.

I have tested this urine with a home drug test kit and it is working like a charm for me. I had shaken the bottle a couple of times and nuke it for 10 seconds. After that have to use the bottle warmer which is provided in the package? Then I have kept this sample in 90-100 degree for about 10 minutes. And this procedure is really like a cakewalk.

Next, I had decided to go for a real test. U had scheduled urine analysis in the laboratory for three days. This was under the temporary employment at home depot. I was not very keen on landing the job so I have decided that this will be the best way to test this urine in real life situation.

So I have attached a warmer with the bottle as the lab is 30 minutes away from my place. I have slid that in my undies. I reached the lab and entered the closed cubicle. They have taken out the bottle and checked the temperature with the strip. I have again double checked the temperature and found out to be 96 degrees.

Then I submitted the sample. After checking by the technician he has rejected the sample right away. He has given the reason that the temperature is inappropriate and the colour seems to be very unnatural. I was told to resubmit the sample tomorrow or to piss in presence off attendant. I agreed to resubmit next day and come back to my home.

I have learned a very good lesson from it. These cheap urine kits are totally unreliable. Sometimes they work and sometimes don’t. It is very risky to use this. If you are really serious about landing a job then synthetic urine works very well in unsupervised drug tests. But it requires good quality synthetic urine.

I am sure this Synthetic urine reviews would be helpful to you.