Play or Nothing

If scholar analyses are to believed, the PlayStation and its contemporaries the Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Sega and all the like have become a revolution to, not just the gaming world, but technology in general. Even with websites like, who knew it was possible for a host of games to be played in a tiny and almost portable piece of machine? All of them had different frameworks with different modified settings that played different games but one unifying factor seemed to be that all the games could be played from one source.

Console History

In the beginning, everything had to be connected. A television or computer screen was the best mean with which you could view games. The few models were designed with flipping tabs switching from game to game. A sophisticated framework began to brew and by the ‘90s, the well-known 4th generation console had a minimalist design of navigating games through a button.

There was no more fuss on having to buy a lot of games and have it on a big computer. Here was a device that had enough data memory solely for video gaming. It was quite an invention. Home consoles were a vision of something akin to a projector, where the image is the output of the video signal and what makes it possible for the users to scroll and play. In recent years, with the internet running, websites like are gaming key spots.


Gaming cartage prototypes went along with the console technology – from a read-only memory (ROM) and it got smaller and smaller – synonymous to how CDs are to a player and it was not until PlayStation that it was possible to play with just the console itself. Recently, Sony Entertainment has stumbled on a potential rival that can threat their current consoles. Having extended their PlayStations 1 to 4 to digital merchandise and online services, the company is again on consideration of whether to upgrade the system.


With the arrival of the internet, it made for more content and games to be available online and this led to more access for more people. Seasoned online users reach out for making log-in accounts that can access codes to play games. An online support inevitably begets an online community and therefore networks like the PlayStation Network (PSN) were in existence. Within this group come interactions of possible strategies or hacks to make gaming easier and are drawn to both rivalries and camaraderie., for example, is a database on online accessed tools that include PSN codes. PSN game codes are important because if one does not have them then one cannot play the game, which often leads to frustration. Free PSN codes are obviously high in demand because it is a clever ruse of playing games on the net without the repeated fees. While the intentions are economical, there are those who abuse and repeated plays without the intention of buying. Working your way through playing is an adventure and technological marvel at itself, which is why it is no wonder how you can easily find yourselves hooked.