Know about features of textrasms pro

The textrasms pro is a rich set of features and one of the best android messaging app. The app contains inbuilt features like animations, emoticons, sending high-speed text and multimedia messages. So, it is the user-friendly app for text the messaging. It also has a bunch of themes and plugins so the user can use easily and more attractive color themes. And, some other features are also available in textrasms pro such as dark modes, fast response, delivery reports and easily sending the group messages.

    It fully compatible app and support for enhanced the messaging notifications as well as fast reply compared to other apps.

    It is compatible with mightytext, android wear and auto support for message delivery and response.

    One of the best feature in textrasms pro as you don’t need to face the advertisement because it’s an advertisement free app.

   A New thing in textrasms pro has copy the partial test inside a bubble and easily you can tap the bubble to check out.

textrasms pro have such ability to manage and send the messages through MMS and multimedia easily.

    The textra sms pro has different ability to manage the audio, video, image and color for contacts because it is customized to user-friendly support.

Most important feature in textrasms pro has supported the encryption capabilities on both SMS and MMS.

    Easily you can download the app through a various browser and android mobiles.

    The textrasms pro version and have all the features as well as the tools are unlocked to use.

    The main features and benefits of textrasms pro are very simple, fast approach and beautiful to handle the app.

    It is a very user-friendly interface to the app user.

    The textrasms pro app having one additional feature such as floating window support to view SMS as soon as possible to receive the message.