Increasing popularity of Airsoft guns Break your limit

Airsoft is a warfare sport in almost all the country. The gun designed for this game is named as Airsoft guns. It is the simulation of real guns with plastic bullets made of biodegradable resins or tracer style and lesser force. Airsoft games are similar to paintball with strict rules to play. They include different maneuver throughout the competition. This game was first introduced in Japan and spread throughout Asia and America. Various people who do not have the opportunity to get the authority of firearm, they play this game with military simulation. Almost appearance of both real and Airsoft guns are similar. Even though this is similar to the paintball game, maintenance and cleaning of the mechanical parts are easier than expected. It has increasing popularity in the northern countries because of its lesser damage while shooting.

Airsoft gun mechanism is of three types. Depending upon its working action, they are categorized.

  1. Spring poweredAirsoft Core
  • It has to be hand cocked every time after shooting. When you trigger to shot, the spring gets released. Again if you need to shot, then reload the spring to position and proceed with the shooting.
  • This shoots at a lower velocity than the other two types of gun.
  1. Gas
  • It uses different gases to work like CO2, green gas and propane.
  1. Automatic Electric Gun (AEGs)
  • This is the advancement of spring-powered technology. This type of gun uses a battery or motor power to push the pellets.
  • It does not require hand tilting.

Design of Airsoft guns

They are designed with two main concepts to provide a user with the ability to handle without fear and comfort.

  • Compatibility – Airsoft guns should be designed for both beginners and experts. So it has to be compact and easy to use with less knowledge.
  • Realistic feel – Everyone does not like a thing that distinguishes like a toy. Realistic feel and look of the gun are necessary while playing. It depends on the brand that we choose.

When you proceed to buy a pistol, there are many constraints to consider. First is gun weight and size. Every gun is made in standard size using the different material. So, the material variety impacts the size of the gun. You can choose one which you feel is comfortable to carry. Next fact to consider is the range and FPS. The range of every gun depends on fps speed. Higher the range you need, higher fps has to be chosen. Also, recent models are powered with CO2, rifles have a higher fps. Airsoft core is an expert advisor on Airsoft guns with many reviews taken from professionals. If you would like read reviews about best models, then navigate to