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Golf accessories hold as much importance as playing the game. These items will not only be an aid during a tournament but also in practice. Upon using them, it shows how much you need to work in order to get the stroke right. In some sports, while external paraphernalia does not matter, in golf, it does.


As opposed to the practice golf at home, dressing up for sports is a necessity.A semi-formal to formal outfit will do(formal attires are normally worn in professional games). Common apparel for golfing would be polo shirts and jumpers to at least keep the person cool especially if the weather is warm. Golf gloves are all about the grip and protection. Have at least two in case one of the gloves meets an emergency like soaking under sweat or rain.

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Golf Balls and Tees

In both the course and practice golf at home, a player needs to have more than enough extra balls and teesbecause being well-stocked saves you from embarrassment. More than embarrassment, these occasional mishaps often delay the game which can make your opponents uncomfortable. It is also possible that they can misinterpret these tactics as a shrewd or clumsy tactic. Either way, it is best to have a spare for time efficiency and preparedness. One can have as many as 6 to 8 golf balls or more. For the golf tees, expect that you will break them every time you use them so one can just estimate how many they need. For convenience, it is recommended that you use the plastic ones so they are easily replaceable.

Divot Tools and Ball Markers

Divot tools are to ensure manners in the course. When practice golf at home or simulation allows you to be lenient with the rules, the competition setting tolerates little time for a relaxed play. A skytrack golf ball marker marks a ball to differentiate its ownership in case there is more than one ball on the spot. A divot tool is normally used to repair divots, marks that the ball makes into the grass whenever it is stroked.

Other Must-Haves

Several miscellaneous items are included in this list. Some are given: water bottles that have water to prevent dehydration because it is a long walk through the nine or 18 holes. Also having a towel that is designed specifically for skytrak golf simulator usually has a deeper dent that is multi-purpose. Another useful feature is that it retains water and this can help you feel cool in the heat of the sun.