Best dog beds

It is very important for your pet to get a good sleep. On an average a dog needs 17 hours sleep a day. This may vary depending on their age, mental problems, and even social problems. It is very important to have a dog bed. The main reason behind this is experts have opinion that sleeping with the pet is dangerous for pet owner’s health. Pet owners can visit when choosing dog beds.

therapeutic foam mattress

Even though a pet is maintained clean, there is chance that diseases like rabies, meningitis, and plague can be transmitted from them. So, it is better to buy a bed for your pet.

Best dog beds:

Choosing a dog bed is essential for a pet to get a good sleep. Along with sleep it is also very important for their good health. Especially when the pet is suffering from health issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other severe conditions, cheap quality bed chosen may worsen its health condition. It is easy to find a best dog bed here

In majority of the cases, beds are the reason behind health issues like allergies and joint pains. So, finding a right bed is very important. There are factors and features one must consider when they are buying pet beds. Let’s look into some of the best beds available.

Lounge beds:

There is variety called pet lifestyle and lounge beds in paw castle. These beds can give great support and comfort for your pet friends. They can comfortably rest and take a nap in this bed. This lounge bed creates a perfect position through elevated sides. A great pooch retreat is also created by this lounge bed. This bed is created by using a filler material which is eco friendly. These lounge beds are comfortable as well as really stylish.

Benefits and features:

  • These are designed with denim making which really sturdy, durable and stylish as well
  • Gives a great support to dog’s head through elevated sides
  • They have used planetFill high loft filler for these beds. They are eco friendly.
  • The furniture grade zipper used here is highly durable and it is customized.
  • Durability is high because of the even basting stitching
  • These lounges can be easily cleaned because filler and cover are easily removable
  • This type of bed is available in 4 different sizes.
  • These lounges are available in 27 different colors

The comfort and durable is assured in these types of lounges. But two things to remember when choosing these types are one is since it is made of denim fabric, pet may too coarse in this lounge. The other thing is for large dogs, this may not be thick enough.

Orthopedic bed:

When it comes to choosing beds for stronger and larger dogs, orthopedic beds are great choice. This can give a protection from red blotches in their legs, elbows, and hips. And it is also best for pains. Since it is made with orthopedic design, it can give superior support, protection and comfort for your pets.

Benefits and features:

  • It has three layers of 7 inch thick therapeutic foam mattress
  • There are three supportive layers for each layer which is present between comfort foam
  • This type of bed comes with advanced pressure mapping technology which helps in protecting pet’s bones and joints

These beds are available in different sizes as well in different colors. One more feature of this is it comes with pillow tip which gives support to pet’s neck.